Love my Mom. The following are photos only a mom could love :)Forgive the solo shots. When you're an only child and live for decades abroad, Mom needs photos.Welcome to the land of the Art of Living: Provence.I've never been as full of life or as in love with the world, than when living in France.Prepping for an early morning route rap with our guests.The French have it figured out, it is truly the art of living. A couple pics for Mom.Route rap in the morning on a Provence trip.Coffee and ready to go lead the Tour de France trip in the French and Spanish Pyrenees!Cheering on the arrival of the caravan before the riders come through on the Col du Tourmalet.The tradition of the post- season Louvre photo for mom continues.Provence leader house boogie.Our Indian FamilyCamel ride in Manvar Desert, India.My first year working in India, I went 2 weeks early on my own dime to research solo. Amazing.Route rap in India. We loved doing these.South Africa and Botswana, local guide Fish.Grateful Heart