Shawn Tubre, Jonathan Morris and the crew.JJ: One of the world's greatest.Grateful for monthly coffee  talks with this dear friend. An inspiration to so many. Aimee Cardoso.Abraham AlexanderLanny and Adam Werner at Righteous Foods.Carolina and Tom.Ana and BlytheKari, Katherine, Goose et moi.Lauren Phillips, another big hero of mine.Grady Spencer is my all-time favorite FW musician.Lauren Phillips and Rambo ElliotKari Crowe Seher of MELT Ice CreamsPaula and HaileyHaley, Kari and Mark at the Sundance Square Holiday Market.Aimee Cardoso, hero and friend.Mitch WhittenAbraham AlexanderPaxton and Adam.Lanny Lancarte of Righteous FoodsMIke P.